Capsaicin helps seniors and athletes

Autor: Sławomir Ambroziak

Keywords: capsaicin, nitric oxide, peroxynitrite, arginine, vanilloids, mTOR kinase, TRPV1 vanilloid receptor, overload induced muscle hypertrophy, sarcopenia, cachexia, atrophy.

Although our muscles seem to be a well-known and thoroughly studied tissue, in fact they have a whole bunch of hidden secrets. We still do not know, for example, how to cure most of the muscle diseases and how to prevent muscle atrophy associated with immobilization or denervation. Available in pharmacies popular anabolic drugs that regenerate muscles do not fully meet our expectations in treatment of cachexia and sarcopenia – loss of muscle mass related to age or to some chronic wasting diseases such as cancer, diabetes or AIDS. And because today we know that the proper condition of our muscle tissue is of extreme importance to both slowing down the aging processes of the body and successfully recovering from a variety of serious diseases, therefore scientists are constantly struggling to understand and explain still poorly known mechanisms of muscle development and regeneration. więcej…


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