Taurine – rattling bull therapy

Key words: taurine, glutamine, creatine, carnitine, insulin, somatotropin, sertonin, GABA, anabolic, anticatabolic, psychostymulant, thermogenic.

It was discovered by Tiedemann and Gmelin in 1827 in ox bile. Its name derives from Latin ‘taurinus” that means ‘relating to or resembling a bull’.
It’s an abundant amino acid in the body; however, it’s different to amino acids that build our muscle proteins. Its acid group does not come from organic carboxylic acid, but from inorganic sulphuric acid. Therefore, it does not build any proteins, only simple micropeptides at best. Amino acids that do not build proteins are called non-proteinogenic amino acids. They are not less important from proteinogenic ones, see creatine and carnitine. więcej…

Taurine burns fat!

Key words: taurine, glucose, insulin, adrenaline, noradrenaline, fatty acids, adipose tissue, cysteine dioxygenase, CDO, PPAR, UCP, thermogenesis

Japanese scientists have just discovered an unknown face of taurine. This amino acid is well-known to bodybuilders as it acts as an anabolic and anticatabolic agent; but now it has occurred that it also intensively stimulates fat burning processes in subcutaneous adipose tissue and facilitates its reduction. It is worth mentioning that Japanese have particularly took a fancy of taurine as most of the information on this amino acid comes from the Cherry-Blossom Land. więcej…


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